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Handheld fiber optic power meter,fibre optic tester,chinese supplier this kind calibration type optical power meter is for handheld installation, operation and maintenance of optical fiber network special design of a precise, durable, convenient portable test instrument. 5 for up to 240 hours of continuous working time 4: linear (mw) and nonlinear (dbm) indices are simultaneously …

Jdsu t-berd 8000 compact optical test platform mainframe w/ vfl& jdsu 8126 vsre singlemode 1310nm/ 1550nm otdr module w/ option 5& jdsu 8136 ofi 2 singlemode 1310/ 1550/ 1625nm high power source module w/ power meter& orl dynamic range: 1310/ 1550 nm: 32/ 30 db this is a field-scalable optical test platform for both installation and maintenance.

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